And what's for supper on Wednesday
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Got a minute?
Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
Today in 2006, the California State Senate passed the Global Warming Solutions Act, making it the first state to place caps on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. If you want to learn more about local initiatives, check out our new Climate Change Connections column. If your friend sent you this, sign up for yourself here.
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At home you are surrounded by life’s distractions, inclined to pick up the phone or do the dishes. Escape reality for a few hours with a screening at The Film Center.
Enjoy cinema snacks and relax in one of our reclining chairs in front of the big screen.
Simply sit and immerse yourself. You’ve earned it.

DQ for sale
The Dairy Queen in Edgartown is up for sale for serious buyers. That’s what an ad tells us about the iconic eatery. The Edgartown Dairy Queen has been up for sale before in 2020. Read more here.
Dogs and goats
Not a good mix, according to Land Bank officials. On two separate occasions, dogs were able to get into fenced-in areas where goats were grazing and inflict injury, some worse than others. The Land Bank hasn’t been able to recoup vet costs, although they are trying. But, in the meantime, they are adding signs to prohibit guests from walking their dogs in areas where goats are roaming. There was also a suggestion of carrying firearms to protect livestock. Read more here.

Geese hunting for shellfish
Aquinnah officials say that shellfishing has been closed for much of Menemsha Pond because of the presence of Canadian geese. Their droppings are adding bacteria to the water. Some officials are encouraging the hunting of geese ("who here has ever eaten a goose on Christmas") while others want to stop geese eggs from hatching. Read more here.

No meetings tomorrow. Enjoy your Thursday!

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Quote of the Day
"Essentially, we’re trying to contain those outbreaks to learn to live with it. . . What we’ll need to live with it is to have a regular program of thinning the pines over time, which is cutting some, not letting them be so close together, and then creating spots where we have young pine trees growing and not just old ones."
— Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation president and licensed forester Adam Moore on removing a number of pitch pines in Ripley’s Field Preserve in Tisbury to avoid invasive beetle outbreaks

Hot Topic Comment
Kate Feiffer comments on our story on filming Island footage for a reality show series: "Wow – so much judgment over a few people shooting some footage of this beautiful Island. It really doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like the show. It’s irrelevant whether this show, or Jaws, or the 8mm home movies from your childhood represent what you think the Vineyard is or isn’t. All they are asking for is to get a few shots of the Island."

Hot Topic Letter
Woods Hole resident Nat Trumbull writes to us to clarify his opposition with the SSA’s 2024 ferry schedule: "Petitioners in Falmouth are not objecting to the existence of a 5:30 am ferry from Woods Hole. It is the presence of large, noisy trucks on that ferry to which we have long objected. Those trucks wake up households in residentially zoned neighborhoods before 5 am on a daily basis along the Falmouth–Woods Hole corridor. We have said this repeatedly in our testimony at public hearings. The problem is not the cars and passengers on the 5:30 am ferry. It is the large and noisy freight trucks on that pre-dawn ferry."
Today: Join author and pastor Rev. Dr. D. Darrell Griffin as he talks about enneagram and building a better you at the First Congregational Church in West Tisbury. It’s never too late to start laying down that new foundation. 5:30 pm. –Connie Berry

It’s foggy as I type, so I’m not sure what kind of view you’ll have, but I like the sound of a Full Moon Discovery Kayak Tour. Explore or discover Long Point Wildlife Refuge at night. They do mention s’mores as well. Pre-register. 7:30 pm. –C.B.
Tomorrow: The Red House hosts a Training in Narcan and Fentanyl Test Strip Use as part of International Overdose Awareness Day tomorrow. Valuable training to have. 2 pm. –C.B.

Movies! Check out what’s playing at Island theaters here.

Blue bureaus
"Two wood dressers with matching light blue paint. One has glass knob pulls and other wood knob pulls. $50 each; $80 both; obo. 917-838-9297"

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Staying in?
With tomatoes in season, this is a good time to try making a Fresh Bruschetta Topping, the latest culinary adventure by Nicole Jackson, so gather some local ingredients and literally break bread ... perhaps the Italian kind in this case.

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Little friends bring big smiles
Martha’s Vineyard Center for Living has a variety of activities for senior residents, and a new addition to that mix are a bunch of feathery and furry friends. From parakeets to guinea pigs to rabbits, these little fellows help brighten the mood. Plus, tending for the animals provides a sense of purpose. Read more about the program bringing seniors and animals together.

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