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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
Handsome devil Yul Brynner’s "The King and I" hit Broadway today in 1951, likely sending off a run on razor retailers everywhere. The Russian actor went on to also star as Rameses II in "The Ten Commandments." No shrinking violet, that one. If your friend sent you this, sign up for yourself here.
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New harbormaster appointed in Oak Bluffs
The Oak Bluffs select board appointed Emily deBettencourt as the town’s new harbormaster on Tuesday — the first woman to ever hold the position. DeBettencourt had served as assistant to former harbormaster Todd Alexander, who was in the position for 29 years, until he stepped down in 2022. Since then, DeBettencourt took on Alexander’s responsibilities as acting harbormaster until this week, when she officially took on the role. Here’s that story.
Voices of Vineyarder sports
Were you one of the hundreds of high school sports fans watching the live stream of teams going deep into the playoffs this winter, or the teams that had great seasons? We have a story about the voices behind those broadcasts, some who have been doing it for years. "It developed into something more than you realized it would," as one commentator said. Read the story here.

Steamship taps COO
A man from Maine joins the Steamship Authority’s leadership. Meet Mark Higgins, the SSA’s new chief operating officer. With over 30 years of commercial and public sector leadership under his belt, Higgins will be overseeing various tasks for the SSA. He’ll start in early April. Get the details here.

The West Tisbury Zoning Board of Appeals meets at 5 pm Thursday. Here is the

The Chilmark Select Board meets at 5 pm Thursday. Here is the agenda.

The MVRHS school building committee meets at 6 pm Thursday. Remote access. Here is the

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Quote of the Day
"Attracting an accomplished maritime professional of Mark’s caliber to the Steamship Authority underscores our commitment to enhance and evolve service offerings as we chart a course for the future."
–SSA general manager Robert Davis on hiring
Mark Higgins as SSA’s chief of operations.

Hot Topic Comment
David Hannon commented on our story about traditional artist and member of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head, Elizabeth James-Perry, who was selected as a 2023 National Heritage Fellow: "This is fantastic! Congratulations, Elizabeth. There is a creative energy on this island that has been present from the start."

Hot Topic Letter
Former Martha’s Vineyard Commissioner Chris Murphy writes to us about the need for consistency at the MVC, and its ongoing review of the Stillpoint Meadows project: "My unquestioning support of the MVC as a force for good has turned into disbelief at the cavalier way Doug Sederholm and Joan Malkin have run roughshod over the applicant’s attempt to do something that will be good for M.V. and the people who live here. Instead of looking at the big picture and congratulating Stillpoint for the good they are doing, Doug and Joan, especially Joan, have gotten lost in the minutiae."
Today: This is wicked fun: Perfect Pitch M.V. It’s like "Shark Tank" but without the pretentious millionaires. Listen to your neighbors pitch their business dreams. At the Strand Theater in Oak Bluffs. 6 pm. –Connie Berry

If I wasn’t addicted to my computer screen, I’d love this job: Information Session: Career as Family Child Care Provider. Attend the discussion at the M.V. Family Center. 6 pm. –C.B.
Tomorrow: Talk about a blast, check out the M.V. Museum’s "Jaws: The Movie that Changed an Island." Bow Van Riper reminisces about the making of the movie and its lasting impact. 5 pm. –C.B.

Movies! Check out what's playing at Island theaters here.

Feeling blue?
"Free blue sleeper sofa. First taker gets it. Easy ground floor pickup. Bit faded, but good shape. Includes extra set of pillow covers. 617-388-5024"

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The Sweet Life
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Staying in?
Spring is a good time to stock up on eggs at a local chicken farm, especially with a recipe like Portuguese-style Egg Tarts by Paul W. Bagnall. These flaky, golden pastry shells filled with a sweet and creamy custard with hints of cinnamon and orange will disappear fast.

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Tuesday’s contest answer:
Caleb Caldwell
Taking an inward journey: Part 3
The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is working to establish safe and effective ways of using psychedelic drugs to assist therapists in treating a variety of disorders. One of those potential modalities is Psychedelic Integration Therapy, and MAPS is currently focused on using MDMA in this way — to help folks recover from severe mental health problems like PTSD and other conditions born from trauma. Read the story about some of the latest initiatives in Psychedelic Integration Therapy here.

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