And what's for supper on Wednesday
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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
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Tower power
The tower in Menemsha is gone. Built to provide a way to have surveillance cameras in the West Dock area, the Chilmark select board listened to the public outcry and decided that the scenery was more important than the security. The antenna tower was almost universally scorned by attendees of two recent meetings. Reporter Rich Saltzberg has this story.
Vroom Zoom
On Beacon Hill Tuesday, a proposed ban of moped rentals in Oak Bluffs was debated before a joint committee. The home-rule petition was approved by town meeting and seeks to ban moped rentals. There was testimony on both sides of the issue, which came down to saving lives and saving livelihoods. Editor George Brennan tuned in and has this story.

Bid adieu
The Aquinnah select board will reopen the bidding process for a store at Aquinnah Cliffs after a public outcry over how the bid process was handled, particularly that the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) was left out of the process. Reporter Eunki Seonwoo has this update.
The Martha’s Vineyard Commission meets at 7 pm Thursday. Remote access. Here is the agenda.
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Quote of the Day
"I had no issue with the content of the letter, but my concern is that a letter going out like that makes it representative of the school committee, and the committee took no action and made no decision to send a letter or what the content would be." –School committee member Skipper Manter on a letter sent to The Times by school officials responding to a story about last week’s planning board meeting

Hot Topic Comment
Katie Lane responded to a commenter on our story about teachers seeking salary increases. "Please look at the many job listings for Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. They’re already offering high wages, well beyond what most would consider livable, and yet they’ve been unable to fill 100 positions at last count."

Hot Topic Letter
Chris Murphy wrote to support the housing bank initiative. "The Island communities have been struggling with and working on the housing problem for a long time, and while it is clear that every little bit has helped, it is also clear that we are not doing anywhere near enough. The problem is growing much faster than our solutions."
Today: Time for dads to gather and learn effective skills for family relationships via the Family Center’s Nurturing Fathers program. No one pushes a swing better than a dad. 7 pm. –Connie Berry

I’d love to see this: Exhibition on Screen: Easter in Art. I imagine this will be pretty moving. It’s amazing to me what artists do/did. Film Center. 7:30 pm. –C.B.
Tomorrow: There’s a Free Yoga Class for the recovery community at the Red House, just one of many free programs they have going on. Check it out. 10:30 am. –C.B.

Movies! Check out what’s playing at Island theaters here.

Brush up
"Painters equipment Halogen lights, $35. Orbital sanders, $35. Drop clothes, $15. Elec Heaters, $25. 508-627-0217."

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Dining out?

The Barn Open for lunch & dinner Tuesday through Saturday 11:30 am to 9:30 pm. Bowling available Tuesday through Saturday at 5 pm. Text Barnmv to 508/696/9800 to receive deals & specials.

The Sweet Life Open year round! Serving dinner Wednesday through Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. Featuring a pre-fixe 3 course dinner for $50 on Wednesdays!
@sweet_life_mv 508/696/0200

Coop De Ville Opening for the season on April 21st!

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Staying in?
We like the looks of this Classic Chili by Times’ designer Dave Plath. We’ve seen his lunch from home and it’s usually a 10-pound bag of shelled peanuts and a grapefruit Frankie the Lab uses for games of fetch. We think he should be bringing in leftovers instead. Don’t you?

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Tuesday’s answer: Carly Simon
Pecking order
Islanders learned during the pandemic that the food supply chain is incredibly fragile, and the ability to raise your own produce and livestock has come into full focus in the community. Kaila Allen-Posin from Allen Farm in Chilmark wants to teach folks all about the different kinds of meat birds, and how to raise them properly. Writer Abby Remer has the story on all the interesting benefits of raising chickens, some of which may be surprising.

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