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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
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Passenger lands plane
An incoming private plane crash-landed at Martha’s Vineyard Airport Saturday afternoon. Officials say the 80-year-old male pilot began experiencing a medical emergency, prompting the sole passenger, a 68-year-old woman, to take over controls of the aircraft. She was able to land the plane without sustaining major injuries. The pilot was transported to Boston for medical treatment. Here’s that story.
Housing priorities
The Martha’s Vineyard Commission’s new housing task force invited some of Provincetown’s leadership to the Island last week to discuss the town’s approaches to mitigating their housing crisis. Just like the Vineyard, Provincetown is a resort community, where the population greatly increases during the summer and shoulder months. Island officials say Vineyarders could learn a lot from the most recent P-Town housing initiatives. Here’s that story.

Celebrating roots
This weekend was the Feast of the Holy Ghost, a celebration of Portuguese heritage. Participants marched from downtown Oak Bluffs to the P.A. Club, where they dined on sopa and malasada, Portuguese specialities. We have the sights and sounds from the event, as well as photos. Enjoy here.

The Edgartown affordable housing committee and housing trust meets at the public library at 4:30 pm Tuesday. Here is the

The Aquinnah select board meets at the town offices at 5 pm Tuesday. Here is the agenda.

The Oak Bluffs affordable housing committee meets at 5 pm Tuesday. Remote access is available. Here is the agenda.

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Quote of the Day
"We are thankful for the chance to complete Wasque Reservation. . . Wasque is a unique property that nature continues to reshape through storm events, strong tides, and sea-level rise. We look forward to welcoming the public to this new addition to the reservation, and to continuing to manage this unique, changing ecosystem that is home to remarkable and rare wildlife."
— Darci Schofield, Islands director of the Trustees of Reservations on the recent purchase of the last remaining private Wasque property

Hot Topic Comment
Lexi Ladd commented on our story about operational plans for the Martha’s Vineyard Black Lives Matter organization: "MVBLM is advocating for an alternative police response to mental health emergencies. When someone is in crisis, seeing someone in a police uniform can escalate the situation and in many cases across the country people have been killed — disproportionately Black, Brown and Indigenous people. An alternative response is to have behavioral health providers dispatched to the scene. There are many states implementing these kinds of initiatives, successfully deescalating situations and getting people connected to mental health services. We’re advocating for the island emergency response systems to move in this direction."

Hot Topic Letter
Stephen Farrell writes to us about the generosity of the Vineyard: "It was a truly touching gesture on her part, one I’ve never forgotten and always wanted to thank her for. I don’t know if the woman was Pam herself, or someone who worked for her, but no matter who it was, I want you to know how much it meant to me at a very difficult time."
Today: I’m going full-on music today. I’ve got a let’s-listen-to-live-music-outdoors vibe. We’ll kick it off with the Convertibles at the Cove. It sounds like they can pretty much play anything. 6 pm. –Connie Berry

Featherstone gives us a great outdoor option with their lawn beyond the barn. Musical Monday this week features the Grateful Dread. 6:30 pm. –C.B.
Tomorrow: Crooked Coast’s Luke Vose plays at MVYRadio’s Porch Concert at Winnetu in Katama. He’s darn good. Free. 6 pm. –C.B.

Movies! Check out what's playing at Island theaters here.

Smooth sailing
"FREE One Sailfish and one Sunfish sailboat circa 1990s. Masts, sails, tillers, rudders and keels always stored indoors. 802-734-1565."

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Enjoy a summertime treat with the recipe for Polenta Cake with Lime Crema, Cherry Compote, and Whipped Cream, by pastry chef Ellie Wallock in an Edible Vineyard article about Jesse Ausubel's orchard in Oak Bluffs. Discover the fruit-inspired music that Jesse listens to while harvesting.

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Scott Thomas
Exhibit by Kate Taylor
Kate Taylor is showing her work at the Martha’s Vineyard Bank in Chilmark. Through her oil-on-canvas art, Taylor captures the dreamy Vineyard landscapes that stop so many of us in our tracks. As she tells us, time stands still when she paints. Taylor’s paintings will be on view through July 26. Check our coverage here.

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