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Got a minute?
Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
The annual town meeting season is drawing to a close, but we’re not done yet. Aquinnah will be holding its annual town meeting tonight and it could make or break the high school’s budget. Aquinnah voters will also be deciding on greener building codes. Meanwhile, Tisbury’s holding its town election, and three individuals are vying to be on the select board. If your friend sent you this, sign up for yourself here.
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Beached whale in Chilmark
Chilmark residents discovered a dead whale on a private beach near Cape Hoggin Monday evening. Based on photos sent to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), experts believe it to be a minke whale. Although minkes aren’t endangered, they’re still at risk of being harmed or killed by passing vessels or fishing gear entanglements. To make matters worse, officials say the property owner who reported the whale carcass might end up being responsible for its disposal. Here’s that story.
Bank robbery trial scheduled
A judge in the 2022 Rockland Trust bank robbery has set a trial date for December. There was a brief video conference yesterday. One of the defendants in the case has already taken a plea deal, so that leaves three on trial. Read our coverage here.

Houseboats are a no go in Tisbury
After a public hearing, the Tisbury select board voted to ban houseboats, alongside a couple of other vessel uses, from the town’s waterways. Two vessels were grandfathered into the amendments. However, some town residents were concerned the language was overly prohibitive. Read the story here.

No meetings for tomorrow. Enjoy your middle of the week!

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Hot Topic Comment
Klaus F. Broscheit commented on the Park City Wind lawsuit: "Good job Edgartown Conservation, I really hope you win. I have never cherished the thought of seeing hundreds of night time blinking red lights in the ocean from these gigantic structures. Put them somewhere else. We are just starting to get a taste of what’s to come, try sitting outside at the Net Results, for a quiet lunch break, it does not exist anymore. The sound of construction has taken over. The size of the structure that they are building just does not seem to fit the character of the area. What are we doing to ourselves?"

Hot Topic Letter
Vicki Divoll wrote about the high school committee as the Aquinnah annual town meeting approaches: "Despite their protestations to the contrary, it is precisely their job to make decisions on islanders’ behalf and then tell us why.  This is how representative government works, as we learned in high school civics class. That is how voters know if our representatives are reflecting our values so we can decide whether to reelect them, or not. Their positions on important matters are supposed to be public — not secret. Our democratic process requires them to explain themselves, it does not shield them from accountability."
Today: The people of Martha's Vineyard give voice to the culture of the Island. In their own words, oral historian Linsey Lee chronicles a way of life that is quickly disappearing. In this presentation at 6 pm, 8 to 10 short video excerpts from oral history interviews that Linsey has conducted over the last 35 years will reflect the experiences, ethnicities, and thoughts of Vineyard people. Virtual. –Allison Roberts

Scrabble and Snickers? Join the recovery community for fun, food, and fellowship at their games and snacks night. Red House Peer Recovery Support Center. 7:30 pm. –A.R.
Tomorrow: Spring is a great time to replenish your body and soul. Spring into Wellbeing is a class led by Shanta Gabriel, who will share self-healing tools, breath and meditative techniques, and fun exercises that will help bring a little agility into your life. Virtual. 11:30 am. –A.R.

Movies! Check out what’s playing at Island theaters here.

A crib on wheels
"Free Baby Crib. H 36" W 24" L 40." On wheels. Good condition. Clean. 774.314.0933."

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The Sweet Life
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Staying in?
You can stop and smell the flowers and eat them, too, with the recipes for Vineyard Rose Cocktail, Rose Syrup, and Strawberry Rose Lassi, shared by cookbook author Catherine Walthers. She also gives lots of other ideas for using the edible petals. Just think of all that flower power.

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Monday's contest answer:
Louisa Leuning and Eileen Wilson
Shimmery works of art
Erica Brody is a seasonal resident on the Island and a painter with captivating colors. She put her painting away to attend law school, but while working in a district attorney’s office that had some emotionally challenging moments, Brody started using painting as a way to express herself. You can check out her first solo exhibition, curated by the Featherstone Center for the Arts, in the Feldman Family Artspace. Get the details here.

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