And what's for supper on Wednesday
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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
Founding Father Alexander Hamilton was born today in either 1755 or 1757. That must’ve been confusing for his mother. Wednesday is also our official Nose to the Grindstone Day at The MV Times. Wish us luck. If your friend sent you this, sign up for yourself here.
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Dump truck vs. police cruiser
A Tisbury Police cruiser was slammed by a dump truck Tuesday afternoon after the operator of the truck failed to stop at a stop sign. The officer involved was able to drive the damaged cruiser away from the scene, and the truck operator was cited. This is the second time in two years that a Tisbury Police cruiser has been hit by a dump truck. Reporter Rich Saltzberg was on the scene, and has that story.
‘Nip’ litter in the bud
Each year during community cleanups, the number of nip bottles collected on beaches, along main roads, and in Vineyard woodlands is proof positive that these little alcohol receptacles are being chucked (not recycled or properly thrown away). Now, Oak Bluffs is strongly considering a comprehensive ban of nips that voters will take up at the next town meeting. Read reporter Abigail Rosen’s story on the latest nip news.
Medders moves on
Tisbury town moderator Deborah Medders will cap off her 24 years of public service this year, as she plans to vacate the podium after moderating her final town meeting this spring. But Medders’ investment in the town will remain — she watches with anticipation as a number of initiatives play out, such as the Tisbury School building project. Check out reporter Rich Saltzberg’s piece on the outgoing moderator, and her plans for the future.

The Oak Bluffs Planning Board meets at 5 pm Thursday. Remote access. Here is the agenda.

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission meets at 7 pm Thursday. Remote access. Here is the agenda.

The Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission meets at 2 pm Thursday. Remote access. Here is the agenda.

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Quote of the Day
"When I say they had a closet at the courthouse, that’s not hyperbole. They truly worked out of a closet, which they’ve since been asked to step out of."
Edgartown Police Chief Bruce McNamee on accommodating the DA’s office

Hot Topic Comment
Tom Pallas’ thoughts on Tisbury town moderator Deborah Medders not seeking reelection: "It has been my good fortune to know Deb Medders for over 10 years. She’s a good egg. Filling her shoes will take some doing."

Hot Topic Letter
Keith Chatinover imparts some local government wisdom before he heads to law school: "No one, young or old, deserves unwavering support as an elected official, but young people are underrepresented, and disproportionately viewed with suspicion in government positions. We’re not perfect. But no one in local government is."
Today: Philip Weinstein leads us through A Century of American Short Stories via the Vineyard Haven library. I love short stories, mostly because they are not long. Check it out. 6 pm. –Connie Berry

Quilting is in my blood. Unfortunately, I have zero time for it these days. Don’t be like me. Make time. Join the M.V. Modern Quilt Guild at the West Tisbury library. 6 pm. –C.B.
Tomorrow: The Red House recovery community hosts Nurturing Families in Recovery, a series of gatherings where we learn how to build trusting relationships. 4:30 pm. –C.B.

Movies! Check out what’s playing at Island theaters here.

Hot stuff
"Solid brass 18" fireplace andirons with curved brass fence, 35" x 8". $90 Text for a pic. 508-326-2500."

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Staying in?
For a hearty winter dish, check the recipe for Leaf Broccoli Pasta, shared by Catherine Walthers. Never heard of leaf broccoli? It also goes by another name that can be easier to say in an operatic voice. Try it: Spigariello Liscia.

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Tuesday’s contest answer:
Marvin Jones

Fostering love
Kym Cyr of Second Chance Animal Rescue is making sure that animals without a forever home are safe, comfortable, and free from the possibility of euthanization. The shelter also has a great system of attracting adopters from near and far, and they make sure that adopting families know exactly what kind of care the animal needs. Read features writer Abby Remer’s recent piece on how Cyr is providing the best chance possible for foster animals.
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