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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
Today is the first day of spring. Technically, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, the equinox is at 5:24 pm today, which means - depending on what time you read the Minute - it may or may not be spring yet. But some Islanders have reported hearing the pinkletinks as early as Thursday, so that’s good enough for us. Are you ready for the beach? If your friend sent you this, sign up for yourself here.
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Shellfishing closed
If you’ve ever thought about living on a boat, don’t look at Tisbury. A couple of vessels that are considered “occupied” led to the state’s Division of Marine Fisheries to meet with town staff. Now, a portion of Vineyard Haven Harbor is closed to shellfishing until the state reexamines the situation. The town is making its own plans to approach the issue. Read the details here.
Growth projected at Island schools
From kindergarten to grade 12, the enrollment at Martha’s Vineyard schools is expected to grow. That’s after an increase over the last two years. Also, the population of English language learners in many schools is significant. For the Tisbury school, over half of the school population speak a different language at home. Find our coverage here.

Tisbury considering timeshare ban
Tisbury is looking to ban commercial timeshare ownership in the town, but the actual implementation of it is difficult. The proposed zoning bylaw amendment is an option to protect Tisbury’s already limited housing stock, but how to actually enforce it was questioned by the select board. The proposed bylaw proposal may end up before voters at this upcoming annual spring town meeting. Get the story here.

The Oak Bluffs School committee meets at 8 am Tuesday. In person at Oak Bluffs School. Here is the

The Aquinnah Select Board meets at 5 pm Tuesday. In person at Aquinnah town offices. Here is the agenda.

The Chilmark Select Board jointly meets with the West Tisbury Select Board at 5 pm Tuesday. Remote access. Here is the agenda.

The Chappy Ferry Steering committee meets at 5 pm Tuesday. Remote access. Here is the

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Quote of the Day
Superintendent Richie Smith talking about the increase in English language learners at Martha’s Vineyard schools: “Historically, we’ve had younger kids who are our newcomers, who have no English language at all. We see those in our earliest grades. But lately the trend has been that newcomers are coming into the secondary grades in the high school as well. So we made additional ELL teaching staff at the High School as a result of this newcomer influx, newcomers having no English language or very little…But you also can see diminishing numbers [at the high school level] because people do test out or no longer need ELL services.”

Hot Topic Comment
Tom Pallas comments on our coverage of the all-Island spelling bee: “Congratulations, Seth. If I can use quirky in Scrabble tonight, it will be in your honor.”

Hot Topic Letter
Dean Rosenthal encourages people to get back to visiting the libraries of the Vineyard: “They are wonderful places, with lots of space for browsing, studying, and enjoying what we have here. Not to mention we all pay for these services as Islanders, but that is not exactly the point. We have these wonderful resources for education, community, and enjoyment for us all.”
Today: “Nashville,” circa 1975, plays at the M.V. Playhouse’s Monday Night at the Movies. That was my era, back when I could do the hustle while wearing my clogs. $5 cold, hard cash. 6 pm. –Connie Berry

This could be my lucky night. I bet I could wear my clogs to Bingo tonight at the American Legion Hall. 6 pm. –C.B.
Tomorrow: The Vineyard Haven library offers a tour of the National Constitution Center via Zoom. Learn all about women’s long fight for suffrage. 10 am. –C.B.

Movies! Check out what's playing at Island theaters here.

Fleece under your feet
“Wool Carpets $5 per square foot. Various sizes available! Designer quality. Samples can be provided upon request. Binding included. Call for info: 203-572-4360.”

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Dining out?

The Barn Open Monday through Saturday 11:30 am to 11 pm for lunch, dinner & bowling. Text Barnmv to 508/696/9800 to receive deals & specials.

The Sweet Life Open year-round! Serving dinner Wednesday through Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. Live music with Jeremy Berlin on Thursdays. @sweet_life_mv 508/696/0200

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Staying in?
Welcome the new season with the recipe for Cream of Sorrel Soup, provided by Garden Notes columnist Abigail Higgins almost a decade ago. You can readily make substitutions depending on what you have available. The result will be a warm bowl of comfort food with a taste of spring.

If you have a recipe to share, send it along with a photo of the dish and a brief backstory to

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Tom Hiller
Art Class
Our incredibly talented designer Nicole Jackson worked with MVRHS Art, Design, and Technology Department Chair Chris Baer to put together this annual showcase of student photography, drawing and painting, design and architecture, computer technology, and crafts and sculpture. We hope you enjoy this compilation of the students’ work, a shining example of their creativity. Check it out here.

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