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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
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‘Long-term home’
Vineyard Wind held a press conference yesterday for a "progress report." The news is that on-site turbine construction could be starting in weeks, not months, as the company’s CEO told us. That’s weather dependent, but a "big friggin deal," according to one state rep on site yesterday. After years of promises about offshore wind, the time is coming. And officials on site said that once Massachusetts gets going on a mission, other states fall in line. Also, officials promise the Vineyard is their long-term home. Read our coverage here.
Meeting House appeal
The Martha’s Vineyard Commission denied this Edgartown housing development in 2020. Just recently, an Island judge upheld the Commission’s decision, but today we learned that developers plan on appealing that ruling. It’s a high profile case on the Island, as developers look to build housing and the regional regulatory authority looks to protect the Island. Read our coverage here.
SSA eyeing another vessel
The Steamship Authority Board is keeping its options open for a potential fourth vessel, the HOS Polestar. It reserves a right of first refusal if a third party wants to purchase the freight vessel from Hornbeck Offshore Services. Whether the vessel will actually be purchased remains to be seen. Get the details here.

The Dukes County Commission meets at 4 pm Wednesday. Remote access. Here is the

The West Tisbury Select Board meets at 4:30 pm Wednesday. Remote access. Here is the agenda.

The Tisbury Select Board jointly meets with the Tisbury Planning Board at 5 pm Wednesday. Remote access. Here is the

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Quote of the Day
Representative Dylan Fernandes says about Vineyard Wind starting construction on site in a matter of weeks: "This is 800 megawatts of power for roughly 400,000 homes… But what happens when Massachusetts goes first? Like with marriage equality, like with healthcare, all the other states in the nation look to us, and they follow us."

Hot Topic Comment
Albert Hess comments on our story, Inside the Tisbury School construction project: "Being under budget is boring."

Hot Topic Letter
Erik Albert writes to us about inclusivity and holding West Tisbury accountable: "They still won’t allow the general public on Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park. While the Oak Bluffs Select Board has been carefully crafting a flag policy to be inclusive, the West Tisbury Select Board has been indifferent at best to their ‘responsibility’… As for the West Tisbury diversity task force, created after the diversity statement, your board is a joke, and the work you do is pathetic."
Today: The Chilmark Community Church hosts their pizza night from 6 to 7 pm. This free event will feature delicious pizza, fun group games, and warm company.

Visit the West Tisbury library from 6:30 to 8 pm for a conversation on drag, costume, and finding inspiration in nature. This event is made possible by Felix Neck, QueerHub MV, Providence artist and creator Eli Nixon, and Hudson Valley artist and dancer Hana van der Kolk. The conversation will be followed by a costume-creating workshop at Felix Neck. All ages and identities are welcome, especially those in the LGBTQI+ community.
Tomorrow: Kids can get their blood pumping tomorrow from 3:15 to 4:15 pm at the Edgartown library. Weather permitting, the library will host an after school youth fitness program on the library lawn that offers simple cardio, agility, and mind over matter drills for kids 8 years old and up. Funded by the Friends of the Edgartown Free Public Library.

Check out what's playing at Island theaters here.

Curtain call
"NEW TIE-UP CURTAINS 100% cotton, 40" Wide x 63" Long, Burnt/Orange/Rust Color, medium weight, rod-pocket top. $5 EACH/per pair, 6 pairs. to see."

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The Sweet Life
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Fill your home with the wonderful smells of cooked tomatoes, fresh herbs, garlic cloves, and homemade broth with the recipes for Tomato Sauce and Chicken Stock, shared by Jenna Lambert. If you make a big batch, you'll be all set for the season.

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Scrimshaw special
Have you ever wanted to know what scrimshaw is? The Martha’s Vineyard Museum has an exhibit featuring the Burdett­-Melville Scrimshaw Plaque, loaned by a private collector. The plaque features an etched image of a whaling ship on a piece of bone from the rear of a sperm whale’s jaw. How neat is that! Find out about some special offers for students and their families here.

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