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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
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Today's Minute is sponsored by: MV Film Society

At home you are surrounded by life’s distractions, inclined to pick up the phone or do the dishes. Escape reality for a few hours with a screening at The Film Center.
Enjoy cinema snacks and relax in one of our reclining chairs in front of the big screen.
Simply sit and immerse yourself. You’ve earned it.

Turf rules
After a contentious legal battle over whether the new athletic field will be made with synthetic turf or grass, the turf supporters won out. A judge in land court ruled against the Oak Bluffs Planning Board’s rejection of Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s request for a special permit to build an artificial turf field. The board cited PFAS concerns over the rejection. Get the details here.
A whole new school year
Superintendent of Island public schools Richie Smith sat down with The Times to discuss what’s new in the schools for this upcoming year. Smith highlighted continuing teacher development for the co-teaching model, emergency preparedness training, and how best to support students and staff. Read more here.

Cruising O.B.
The Norwegian Sky, a 900-foot cruise ship with a 2,000-passenger capacity, was anchored off of Oak Bluffs on Sunday. The stop at the Vineyard was part of a New England and Canada tour. This isn’t the first time that a large cruise ship came to Vineyard waters this year. Read more here.

The West Tisbury Zoning Board of Appeals meets at 5 pm on Thursday. In-person meeting at West Tisbury Town Hall. Here is the

The Aquinnah Planning Board Plan Review Committee meets at 6:30 pm on Thursday. In-person at Aquinnah town offices with remote access. Here is the agenda.

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission meets at the Stone Building at 6:30 pm Thursday. Remote access is available. Here is the agenda.

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Quote of the Day
"I want to make sure it’s taken care of and cleaned up to the maximum extent feasible."
— Tisbury town administrator Jay Grande on
a mold problem at town hall

Hot Topic Comment
"Home grown terrorism has been named as the number one threat to our country. The first amendment isn’t sacrosanct. You cannot yell fire in a crowded theater. Hate spawns anger and anger spawns rage and rage spawns action. The fewer hate groups there are the safer we will all be."
— Carolyn O’Daly on signs promoting
white supremacy that appeared in Oak Bluffs

Hot Topic Letter
The Rappaport family writes to us with high praise for local emergency responders: "A thousand kudos and thanks to the Tisbury Fire Dept. and Police who came promptly to our house on Hatch Road and saved us from a kitchen fire. We are so grateful to them for supporting our family."
Today: Check out the International Film Festival at the M.V. Film Center. "Ramona," a film from Spain, gives us comedy, drama, and romance all in one screening. I have a friend who invited me to go to the festival a few years ago. I’m waiting … 7:30 pm. –Connie Berry

The fun folks at the Oak Bluffs library host Board Game Night at the Barn Bowl & Bistro. This is a free opportunity to hang out and have fun, unless you’re like me and cannot go there without eating everything on the menu. 7:30 pm. –C.B.
Tomorrow: Enjoy Open House at the Washington Ledesma Gallery. He has new colorful ceramics and paintings on view in his Oak Bluffs studio. You can’t look at his work and not smile and feel beams of light shining down upon you. 4 to 6 pm. –C.B.

Movies! Check out what's playing at Island theaters here.

This ‘n that
"Set of 8 juice glasses $5 Aloe Plants $5/each, Winco Scale $35. Glass Ice bucket $10. Plastic dominos 2 boxes $5/each."

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Dining out?

The Barn Open Monday through Saturday 11:30 am to 11 pm for lunch, dinner & bowling. Text Barnmv to 508/696/9800 to receive deals & specials.

The Sweet Life Open year-round! Serving dinner Tuesday through Sunday at 5:30 pm. @sweet_life_mv

The Dunes Open for the season! Dine with an ocean view. 31 Dunes Road, Edgartown.

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Staying in?
Discover inspirational tips on making edible art with homemade focaccia in "Beautiful Bread: Create & Bake Artful Masterpieces for Any Occasion," by Island resident Theresa Culletto. Your soft canvas of any shape can be decorated with savory or sweet toppings and fillings to create anything you imagine.

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Ken Lockwood
Playing politics with lives
Anyone who was on the Island last fall will remember when 49 migrants were flown over from Texas under the false promises of support. An upcoming documentary, titled "Martha’s Vineyard v. DeSantis," will give a more personal look at the migrants’ situations. The film, which will premier at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center on Sept. 16, follows four young migrant cousins who returned to the Island, alongside the events that preceded. Find out more.

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