And what's for supper on Wednesday
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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
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At home you are surrounded by life’s distractions, inclined to pick up the phone or do the dishes. Escape reality for a few hours with a screening at The Film Center.
Enjoy cinema snacks and relax in one of our reclining chairs in front of the big screen.
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Jail construction moratorium?
State lawmakers are considering a ban on jail construction and expansion, but Dukes County Sheriff Robert Ogden was before a joint committee this week arguing against it. He said the moratorium would hurt his efforts to bring the county jail up to date. Read our coverage of the hearing here.
The author of "Dopesick," the book and Hulu series, was the latest speaker at the Hebrew Center’s summer series. Her book shines a light on the ruthless actions of Purdue Pharma, its owners, drug reps, the FDA, and many doctors in selling and prescribing drugs. It was a sobering discussion. Read our coverage here.

Do-nut worry
The Oak Bluffs select board quickly quashed concerns regarding the future of Back Door Donuts Tuesday, calling foul on an aggressive — and savvy — social media campaign launched by bakery owners last week, which claimed that the fate of their business was being threatened by a neighbor’s noise complaints. Here’s that update.

There are no meetings on Thursday.

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Quote of the Day
"We’re opening up a community behavioral health center — we’re in the process of getting that now. We’re also doing emergency response with the police coming this fall, and we’re engaged in a capital campaign, rebuilding our campus."
— Martha’s Vineyard Community Services CEO Beth Folcarelli on
upcoming MVCS developments to be funded by the Possible Dreams auction

Hot Topic Comment
Chris Allen commented on our story about the ongoing MVRHS turf lawsuit: "I am also going to recommend that the high school committee bans our athletes from playing on off island toxic plastic turf fields. As noted in the comments, it is not safe. They are not listening and we need to take appropriate action and protect the kids."

Hot Topic Letter
Doreen Kinsman writes to us regarding the Montessori school’s anticipated enrollment expansion: "I foresee ever increasing traffic problems and potential for accidents with such a confluence of vehicles throughout the week days, year long, as summer camp replaces their regular school. There is no doubt the need exists for childcare and I am most sympathetic having taught  students for decades. However, the current and potential extraordinary usage of Tashmoo Ave. now confronted with a doubling of young clientele, suggests that  future traffic issues, in addition to all day parking by increased staff, coupled with Tashmoo being the only two way street in town, will increasingly become untenable."
Today: Bring the family to the Tabernacle for Community Sing. It’s a good way to either have fun or embarrass the heck out of them if you sing really loud. It’s a win-win. 7:30 pm. –Connie Berry

Polly Hill Arboretum hosts Bats, Biology, Behavior, and Conservation. Bats are intriguing aren’t they? This lecture explains some of the fascinating aspects of these upside-down hangers on. You need to register, so follow the directions. 7:30 pm. –C.B.
Tomorrow: The Mariposa Museum hosts a Book Signing and Black Maternal Health Discussion with Dr. Byron Edmond, author of "The Quiltmakers." If you haven’t been to this gem of a museum, you should go. 3 pm. –C.B.

Movies! Check out what's playing at Island theaters here.

Gone fishin’
"Penn Special Senator Rod. $35. Penn 65 Long Beach. $35. Penn Peer 309 and rod. $35. Penn 7102. Daiwa Apollo Rod. $55. 561-613-7229."

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Dining out?

The Barn Open Monday through Saturday 11:30 am to 11 pm for lunch, dinner & bowling. Text Barnmv to 508/696/9800 to receive deals & specials.

The Sweet Life Open year-round! Serving dinner at 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday, and brunch 11 am to 3 pm on Sundays. Live music on Thursdays.


The Dunes Open for the season! Dine with an ocean view. 31 Dunes Road, Edgartown.

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Staying in?
If you'd like a fancy meal using simple ingredients that are on hand, try Pasta alla Whatever's in My Pantry, the latest escapade from Connie Berry's test kitchen.

On newsstands and online: the In Season issue of Edible Vineyard. Read about the Outermost Inn, Milkweed Farm, M.V. Pollinator Pathways Project, the effects of coyotes on-Island, Kib Bramhall's best fish tale, and much more.

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Tuesday's contest answer:
Joann Rolston
Turpentine Gallery opens with a Zen-like atmosphere
Mitch Gordon’s Turpentine Gallery opened last weekend. The gallery features Steve Lohman’s single-line wire sculptures, as well as Gordon’s own paintings. Gordon designed the gallery to showcase art in a minimalist, peaceful setting. Get more details about the opening here.

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