And what's for supper on Monday
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Got a minute?
Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
The National Weather Service has declared this week Severe Weather Preparedness Week for Southern New England. You can follow along on Twitter @NWSBoston. We know reporter Rich Saltzberg will be watching. Today is also National DNA Day, the day when James Watson and Francis Crick announced their discovery in a short letter published in the science journal, "Nature." Correction: In Friday’s Minute, the link to Climate Action Week events was incorrect. Here’s the correct link so you can plan accordingly. If your friend sent you this, sign up for yourself here.
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IHT supports the efforts to create the MV Housing Bank which will help us secure the affordable housing our Island community needs. Please watch this film about our friends and neighbors who live here year-round and are in need of housing they can afford. Please vote twice, once at your annual town meeting and again at town election this spring. Remember your vote counts and will help determine the future of our Island.
And the winner (still) is…
There was a recount held on Monday in Oak Bluffs to determine the outcome of the select board race. The original count came out 505-503 in favor of incumbent Gail Barmakian over Dion Alley. During Monday’s recount, which took nearly two hours from start to finish, the outcome remained the same with Barmakian winning by two votes. Reporter Abigail Rosen has this story.
Get on the bus
Not vaccinated against COVID-19 yet or need a booster? The vaccine bus is on its way back to the Island on Sunday, May 1. Appointments are needed. This comes at a time when the Island is seeing a slight increase in the number of cases of COVID, but still not enough to get alarmed about. The Island remains at low-risk for community spread. Here is that update.

Showing Pride?
Over the weekend it became apparent that there will be a showdown over having the Pride flag flown in Oak Bluffs at town buildings. The Martha’s Vineyard Chapter of the NAACP and the Oak Bluffs Business Association have requested permission to fly the flag at Ocean Park and some town buildings. Meanwhile, the select board set an agenda item ahead of those requests to discuss the town’s flag policy. Reporter Abigail Rosen has this story.
The Oak Bluffs select board meets at 4:30 pm Tuesday at town hall. There is also remote access. Here is the agenda.
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Quote of the Day
"The timing of the proposed flag policy is odd. There is no federal or state regulations that prohibits such conduct, so why is the town proposing a local policy that would prohibit showing support for the Queer community on town owned flagpoles?"–Arthur Hardy-Doubleday, president of the Martha’s Vineyard chapter of NAACP, on a proposed flag policy that precedes a request to have the Pride flag flown on town flagpoles

Hot Topic Comment
Don Keller commented on the story about the flag policy. "I support the proposal mentioned in the article to specifically designate which flags can be flown. It solves a lot of arguments before they happen. On private property, you are able to fly whatever flag you want — within limits, of course."

Hot Topic Letter
Philip Levine of Bourne wrote with a suggestion for a bridge to Martha’s Vineyard. "The bridge would have a big impact on the Cape, reducing congestion in Woods Hole and eliminating parking lots for travelers to MV. Thinking ahead, with the proposed new Canal bridges, a Martha’s Vineyard bridge would offset the prospects of even more congestion and complete a fast link between the Island and the mainland."
Today: I am woefully negligent when it comes to Island trails. That’s OK, I own it. Better yet, maybe I should get out there. Try Sheriff’s Meadow Trails and Beaches for a good start. Anytime. –Connie Berry

If you haven’t checked out MVTV community television, you should. Photographer Paul Doherty’s photos, an oral history with Jim Thomas, and even the town of Edgartown’s comprehensive plan can all be viewed there right now. –C.B.

Tomorrow: I’m very partial to this month’s Spice Club pick: nutritional yeast. I flirted with being a vegan once and I put this in everything, and I still love it on popcorn — one of my favorite meals. Vineyard Haven library. 6 pm. –C.B.

Pedal pusher
"Bikes: 26" GT Outpost Trail Bike and 26" Giant Rincon Trail Bikes. $99 each. Call Bill at 508-696-7923."

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Dining out?

The Barn Open for lunch & dinner Tuesday through Saturday 11:30 am to 9:30 pm. Bowling available Tuesday through Saturday at 5 pm. Text Barnmv to 508/696/9800 to receive deals & specials.

The Sweet Life Open year round! Serving dinner Wednesday through Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. Featuring a pre-fixe 3 course dinner for $50 on Wednesdays!
@sweet_life_mv 508/696/0200

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Staying in?

We are dreaming of strawberries right now. Juicy, sweet and fresh from the garden. Tina Miller inspires with this Edible Vineyard recipe for Strawberry Toast.

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Friday’s answer: Zita Cousens

Down and dirty
Quite a few Island volunteers spent their Saturday mornings cleaning up after other Islanders and visitors. As part of Earth Day celebrations, they took to the Vineyard coastline and picked up trash in the sand. Last year, this volunteer work paid off for one Islander, who found $100 buried in the sand. Reporter Eunki Seonwoo has this story.

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