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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
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Big vote
It’s hard to overshadow the national story on our doorsteps, but leave it to Tisbury to do just that. On Tuesday at the Performing Arts Center, voters overwhelmingly voted to raise their own taxes in order to keep the Tisbury School renovation and addition project alive. The special town meeting included a secret ballot and lots of debate ahead of the vote. Reporter Rich Saltzberg has the details including a video of that moment when voters got the results.
Big developments
There were a few developments in the ongoing story of the migrants and refugees from Venezuela. We learned today that three of them have already left the group and are out on their own making their way in the country. We also learned that some people have been receiving threats and harassing phone calls as a result of advocating for these individuals. (Thanks, Ted Cruz.) Meanwhile, we have the harrowing details of what some of the migrants went through just to get to this country from volunteers who were on the inside. Reporter Rich Saltzberg (a busy, busy guy) has this story. Meanwhile, reporter Abigail Rosen wrote about some of the disparaging things being said to Aquinnah officials.
Farm stand
Sometimes you never know what’s going to make news out of a select board meeting. On Tuesday night, it seemed like the Chilmark board wasn’t going to say much newsworthy, and then as things were wrapping up, they talked about Grey Barn and a lease dispute with The Trustees of Reservations. Editor George Brennan has this story.

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission meets at 7 pm Thursday. Remote access. Here is the

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Quote of the Day
"I think the best response we can give to that kind of hate is first and foremost to keep our eye focused on helping these vulnerable families and other new arrivals in Massachusetts…and for Islanders to keep doing exactly what we’re doing — to celebrate and honor the extraordinary and passionate response where Islanders welcomed these new arrivals [and] treated them with dignity and respect."
–State Sen. Julian Cyr, D-Truro, on the emails and messages being received from those who support Gov. Ron DeSantis

Hot Topic Comment
Jim Ventry responded to another commenter on the ongoing migrant situation. "You expect a rational answer from these people? I admire your optimism. The MAGA crowd is the antithesis of rational. If they were capable of reason and rational thinking they would not be MAGAs."

Hot Topic Letter
We got to use "Florida Man" in a headline as Greg Kugler apologized for Gov. Ron DeSantis. "It seems the people of Martha’s Vineyard have recently defied and insulted my governor. You failed to turn your backs on persons who were used, and discarded in your town. Compassion, it seems, is still an American value."
Today: Garden designer Veronica Tyson-Strait talks about Design for Habitats, Gardens, and Landscapes of Refuge on Randall’s Island in New York. Polly Hill. 5:30 pm. –Connie Berry

This is interesting: Overview of the Golden Hummingbirds Healing process. I think this might possibly involve chakras and shamans. We’re all on a quest, so you might enjoy this. Wakeman Center. 6:30 pm. –C.B.
Tomorrow: I only wish I had a photo of little Lucas Thors for this event. The Garden Gate Child Development Center at Featherstone hosts an open house. Lucas happens to be an alum of Garden Gate. At Featherstone. 5 pm. –C.B.

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Peddling fitness
"LANOS workout bike. Hardly used, like new! $100. 617-645-0204. 9-5 pm."

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It's time to go wild — at least for the fruits of the Vineyard. Ripe and juicy berries, apples, beach plums, and other local edibles are ready to fall into your next recipe. Check Margaret Knight's ideas for making Fruit Butter, Jams and Jellies, Smoothies, Fruit Leathers, and much more. Now grab a basket and get pickin'.

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Wonderful weeds
Yup, we’re talking about the persistent plants that grow in your lawn, around the periphery of your property, and oftentimes in your garden, where they can quickly outpace the things you purposefully planted. But Rebecca Gilbert, owner of Native Earth Teaching Farm, explains in her new book "Weedy Wisdom for the Curious Forager: Common Wild Plants to Nourish Your Body & Soul," that these plants are often edible, and can even be delicious and packed with nutrients. Read Abby Remer’s recent piece on Gilbert’s new book here, and maybe try picking some purslane or dandelions the next time you want to add some flare to a salad or garnish a dish.
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