And what's for supper on Wednesday
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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
Oct. 12 is one of those days where there is a bevy of National Days to highlight. Here are a few of them: National Farmer’s Day, National Free Thought Day, National Gumbo Day, National Savings Day, and National Stop Bullying Day are among them. Our personal favorite is National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day. If your friend sent you this, sign up for yourself here.
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Shell(fish) game
At the Oak Bluffs select board meeting on Tuesday there was a difference of opinion about the town’s scallop regulations. Commercial shellfishermen said the limits will put them out of business, while the select board expressed concerns with the amount of scallops that are available. Reporter Abigail Rosen has this story. Meanwhile, the board also discussed an upcoming special town meeting. Here’s that story.
Misuse of funds?
That’s what the U.S. Treasury is investigating. After receiving a letter from U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, U.S. Rep. Bill Keating, and other members of Congress, the Office of the Inspector General has launched an investigation into whether Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis misappropriated funds intended for pandemic relief for his migrant relocation program that flew 50 Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Meanwhile, another investigation into whether the migrants were misled by an agent of DeSantis is ongoing in Texas. Editor George Brennan and reporter Rich Saltzberg have this update.

Home on the Grange
Is the Grange Hall being overused or should it become an even more integral part of the community’s activities? That was the topic of discussion at a forum held Tuesday by the Grange’s owner, Vineyard Preservation Trust. While the select board has discussed the need for the Grange to get a special permit, the Trust board has pushed back saying that’s not in keeping with the Grange’s history. Reporter Eunki Seonwoo has this story.
The Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission meets at 2 pm Thursday. Remote access. Here is the agenda.

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission meets at 7 pm Thursday. Remote access. Here is the agenda.

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Quote of the Day
"Jim was never the guy that got upset because he didn’t win, or got bumped off the leaderboard, as long as everybody else was having a good time, and enjoying themselves, Jim was happy."–Tony D’Agostino on the passing of his friend, Jim Wareing, during this year’s Derby

Hot Topic Comment
Julie Robinson commented on our editorial about the ongoing lawsuit by the school committee against the Oak Bluffs planning board. "The MVRHS should not use plastic turf. It's not healthy for our environment nor for the kids who would be playing on it. Regular grass is what we need."

Hot Topic Letter
Cornelius J. Moriarty II wrote to endorse Robert Galibois for district attorney. "As a former trial judge in the Superior Court for almost 15 years and a trial lawyer for 30, I believe I know a good trial lawyer when I see one. Attorney Galibois tried numerous matters before me in the Superior Court, and I can say without reservation that he is a lawyer of the highest caliber. His work ethic, integrity, and creativity are second to none. This is one reason why I support his candidacy."
Today: Photographer Edwina Rissland will make you think about the hull of a boat in a whole new way. The Feldman Family Art Space at the M.V. Film Center hosts her exhibit "Hull Studies." You can catch it when the space is open, so might I suggest between 4 and 7 pm.

Gather with the M.V. Modern Quilt Guild at the West Tisbury library. It’s amazing what you can do with a needle and thread. 6 pm.
Tomorrow: Polly Hill Arboretum hosts a Leaf Art Workshop inspired by Emily Davis’ zero waste concept. Each leaf is unique, and you can learn to see them as an artform. Here’s an opportunity to think outside the box. Love that. 4:30 pm.

Movies! Check out what’s playing at Island theaters here.

Stay warm
"New Calvin Klein black wool peacoat, dark gray lining. Women size 12. $40. email: or phone message. 508-693-4396 for pictures, to see or try."

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Farm Neck Come check out Farm Neck's newly renovated Cafe, patio and bar!
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Staying in?
Why not hedge your bets tonight and try this Cranberry Shrub recipe from IGI? It’s not made from the trunk or crown, but you will find it naturally tasty, just the way we like our shrubs.

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Tuesday’s contest answer:
Nelson Bryant
Talking (space) trash
Do you ever wonder if life exists elsewhere in the universe? How would modern science investigate and seek answers to questions about the potential for extraterrestrial life? Harvard professor Avi Loeb is at the forefront of this search for life outside our planet, and is busy scouring the observable universe for space junk that could indicate an advanced civilization. Times writer Abby Remer got a chance to speak with Loeb about his project ahead of a Zoom presentation he will be doing in collaboration with Island libraries. Read the story here.

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