And what's for supper on Friday
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Got a minute?
Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
On this day in 2009, Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America, and became the country’s first African American president. Can you believe it’s been 14 years since then? It’s also been four years since the Obamas purchased their 29-acre Edgartown property on Turkeyland Cove Road and became part-time Island residents. Maybe we’ll see them around this summer.
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Southern Tier
Thursday’s continued public hearing on a proposed affordable housing development in Oak Bluffs, which is currently under review by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, garnered a good amount of  testimony, with a number of site abutters and commissioners inquiring about the layout of the project. Some commissioners argued that affordable housing construction ought to utilize greater density; one commissioner even uttered the words "apartment building." Reporter Abigail Rosen has this story.
Shaping Tisbury’s future
Development of the Tisbury master plan is underway, and input from the town’s residents is critical for its success. Currently, there is a community survey available and two public workshops planned in February, with more to come. The master plan goes into a variety of topics, such as housing and economic development. A full report is expected to be available in early fall. Reporter Eunki Seonwoo has this update.

Grounded in science
The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School hosted its 24th annual Science and Engineering Fair on Jan. 14, and there were a whole lot of impressive displays. Maia Donnelly won first place in the investigative projects category for "An Investigation Into Dugesia tigrina Planarian Regeneration Via Expression of HBNF-1 from a Novel Plasmid." Molly Crawford won second place for "Does Brightness Matter? An Investigation of how Tampon Brightness is Related to Titanium Dioxide Levels." The overall grand prize went to Quinlan Slavin and Owen Kiernan for their project "improving a mid-range espresso machine." Read more about the fair here.
]The Up-Island Regional School District committee meets at 5:30 pm Monday. Remote access. Here is the agenda.
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Quote of the Day
"There are those who feel the zoning works just fine and there’s too much of a push for more. There are those that feel that more is great and offering more chance for vibrancy and change and activity is a good thing."
–West Tisbury town administrator Jennifer Rand on
amending zoning bylaws

Hot Topic Comment
Gayle Stiller has happy memories of the cranberry harvest: "I remember in the 1960’s when our family would go gleaning in the cranberry bogs after the harvest was done in the fall. Then in the winter after the bogs had been flooded we would go ice skating there."

Hot Topic Letter
Alexandra J. Wojnowski is grateful after a health emergency: "I thank all of the EMTs who appeared on scene. I thank the hospital and all of those in the ER who worked with me and accommodated me so that my son could continue to stay by my side."
Today: My daughter saw this one and loved it. She cried. "The Whale" plays at the Film Center tonight. Lots of award possibilities with this one. 7:30 pm. –Connie Berry
Remember when people used to say, "Oh, go take a hike!" I learned, after moving here, what that really means. Your options are pretty endless, so check out the link. Anytime. –C.B.

This weekend: Let’s do something constructive this weekend by trying the class Knife Skills with Cathy Walthers. My son tells me once you master this, it ups your cooking game. FARM Institute. 10 am. At the West Tisbury library, they’ll be hosting Adult Community Dance with Jesse Keller Jason. Everybody is welcome. 10:30 am. The Aquinnah library hosts From Sheep to Shawl, where you’ll learn all kinds of facts about wooly friends from the folks at Allen Farm. 11 am. Christina Montoya teaches us how to Dance Salsa Suelta Cubana at the Oak Bluffs library. I bet I could shed those pesky holiday pounds with this one. 11:30 am. Hang around because the library also hosts an Artist Reception for the Marston Clough Exhibit and his real and imagined landscapes. 1 pm. Miss Lani offers her Winter Children’s Art Workshop, where she leads the young artists in expressing their creativity. 1:30 pm. The Chess Club meets at the Oak Bluffs library at 2 pm. Chess is a very real thing around here, Lucas Thors tells me, and I usually listen to him. Public Skating Sessions are open at the M.V. Ice Arena. I tried so hard to ice skate when I was a kid, but alas I apparently have two left ankles. 4:50 pm. –C.B.

On Sunday, take a walk on the wild side with Island Alpaca’s Walk and Talk. 11 am. Help Chef Michael Brisson, owner of l'Etoile Restaurant, prepare a meal for the Harbor Homes overnight shelter with Joyful Eatings. We featured Chef Brisson in Edible Vineyard, and I could use a few tips from someone who knows their stuff. Federated Church. 2:30 pm. The Family Center hosts Barnyard Buddies at the Ag Hall for kids 0 to 8, but you can bring the whole family. 3 to 4:30 pm. I’ll be resting up this weekend. I find typing just exhausting. –C.B.

Movies! Check out what’s playing this weekend at Island theaters here.

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Staying in?
For a soothing, warm drink on a winter evening, check the recipe for Honey Golden Milk, provided by Island Grown Initiative. While sipping this sweet and spicy delight, you can read all about Island beekeepers in the current issue of Edible Vineyard magazine.

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Thursday’s contest answer:
Peter and Lucy Sullo

Mental and spiritual health
Like members of many seasonal New England communities, folks on Martha’s Vineyard face unique challenges. The cold winter months on-Island can be tough — but there are supports available for those who are struggling mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Connie Berry writes in her most recent Have Faith column about therapist Jeremy McLellan, who will be at the Vineyard Assembly of God in Vineyard Haven on the third Saturday of each month. McLellan, a longtime friend of pastor the Rev. Matthew Splittgerber, is helping folks cope during tough times with the help of faith.

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