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Here’s what’s happening on Martha’s Vineyard today.
On this day in 1960, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon squared off in a televised debate changing the landscape of presidential politics. Today is National Family Day and National Pancake Day. Our family plans to celebrate with a short stack. If your friend sent you this, sign up for yourself here.
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Mock this way
When we received a request to place an advertisement from Citizens for Sanity, it took about two seconds to reject the trolling, mocking message they wanted to get across. So we wondered why two regional daily newspapers chose to run the same advertisement, even though their reporters were here covering the migrants and refugees and knew the narrative of the ad was untrue. Meanwhile, the Boston Globe also ran an ad that took aim at Sen. Elizabeth Warren and a not-so-subtle dig at the Vineyard. Editor George Brennan asked the newspapers questions, but they didn’t want to answer. Here is the story.
Records turn up
The Martha’s Vineyard Times finally received records it requested two years ago, but it took some sleuthing. After The Times noticed someone else received the records for former Chilmark officer Jeff Day we were told didn’t exist, we went back and requested them again. This time we got them and they are revealing. You also may be curious about how the police chief explains the discrepancies. Reporter Rich Saltzberg, our public records guru, has this update.

First light
It’s become an annual tradition. People gathering at Bend in the Road Beach before dawn’s first light to raise awareness about suicide prevention. This year more than 100 people gathered on the beach, huddled in sweatshirts and under blankets, ready to take this important walk. Crispin Haskins shared his own story about his second chance at life after a suicide attempt, and it’s an important reminder that we all have so much more of life to live. The story includes some resources if you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts. Reporter Abigail Rosen has this story.
The Steamship Authority board meets at 10 am Tuesday. Remote access. Here is the agenda.

The Oak Bluffs select board meets at 4:30 pm Tuesday at the town hall. Here is the agenda.

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Quote of the Day
"Whether or not there was consent is going to come up and it’s going to have to be an issue of was that consent informed. We’ve already seen some discussion of that when the DeSantis camp said that these consent forms were in multiple languages. That will be part of their defense I’m sure. There will be also defense that these individuals were acting in some official capacity — a question of whether they had authority under their current post to transport migrants. Migrant transport is typically under the authority of federal immigration officials. They will raise some sort of immunity defense based on their current post. There’s going to be a lot of questions about whether or not they’re entitled to that immunity and whether this was within their gamut as governors."
–Former federal prosecutor Bianca Forde on the possibility of a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into Gov. Ron DeSantis shipping migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Hot Topic Comment
Katelyn Damon commented on the lobster industry being targeted in an attempt to protect North Atlantic Right Whales. "There has not been an entangled whale in Maine lobster gear in 18 years. The industry has changed rope, added weak links, reduced trap limits, and added gear markings- this all in support of saving Right Whales. The industry has also added measures to keep their industry sustainable by changing their measure and protecting breeding female lobsters."

Hot Topic Letter
Gerald Jones wrote to praise the grace of fellow Vineyarders in how the migrant/refugee situation was handled. "There’s so much to be proud of from the many ways that Island organizations, Island residents and from what I hear visitors, did to support the two planes of immigrants sent to us by the disgraceful acts of what looks like at least two governors from Florida and Texas."
Today: It won’t be long until Halloween. I know this because it feels like last Halloween was yesterday. Try out Tom Dresser’s Self-Guided Haunted Tour of Edgartown. All you need to do is download an app to take the tour. Anytime. –Connie Berry

Turn Monday night into your favorite night of the week with Bingo at the American Legion in Vineyard Haven. Doors open at 6 pm. –C.B.

Tomorrow: Tuesday is Chilmark Church Pizza Night. Get together for food, fellowship, and games. You bring a salad or dessert and they provide the pizza. They do the hard part for you. 6 to 7:30 pm. –C.B.

Movies! Check out what's playing at Island theaters here

Shining examples
"Three outdoor LED floodlight sets. Never used. 3 boxes. $50/box obo. 917-838-9297."

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The Barn Open Monday through Saturday 11:30 am to 11 pm for lunch, dinner & bowling. Text Barnmv to 508/696/9800 to receive deals & specials.

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Staying in?

Anne Sylvester explains what to do with all those leftover odds and ends of garden veggies hanging out in your refrigerator. Pickle them! It’s fast and easy to make refrigerator pickled cucumbers, peppers, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, and onions. Just about anything.

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Golden opportunity for bees
The goldenrod is out and about, and it’s making everyone sneeze and sniffle. But the cloudy-winged miner bee (Andrena nubecula) isn’t complaining, and neither are other winged insects that rely on the pungent plant for sustenance. Wild Side columnist and Island biologist Matt Pelikan clues us in on the unique cloudy-winged miner bee and all the benefits it provides to the local ecology. Read his latest column here.

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